Sunday, November 14, 2010

Requiem for fall

The last few weekends I have been volunteering with Free Arts of Arizona . I have been partnered with a Professional Artist, who has been teaching different styles of poetry to a group of girls .  A couple of weeks ago, we did Requiem poems.  Here is mine-

Requiem for fall
Every year I long for you
Cool breezes, rustling of the leaves
Rainbow of colors, painting the gray cement

As I walk, I remember kicking the light paper, hearing them crackle & crunch underneath my feet

I remember wearing coats & sweaters, that were packed in boxes that carry the perfume scent of moth balls

Smell of hot cocoa, waffling through the air surrounds me, while the heat of my cup warms my hands like gloves
The taste of melted chocolate soothes the bak of my throat with sweet bitterness

I long for your return to a part of the state that you have never visited,in a way that I remember.... I long for you, I long for fall

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