Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twilight Farmer's Market


  1. nice picture, yes for organic. mw

  2. What do you mean you didn't take the photo? It's a good one. Either way, I don't care because you have a post!!! I have been holding my breath since your last one.

    I love that Nana had a garden in the Bronx. Do you have photos? My Grandma used to make us eat everything on our plates, too. One time while she was taking a nap, I threw my food down the garbage disposal...oh, was she mad. :) My mom and my aunts recall sitting at the table all night long. Can you imagine?

    What is this Twilight Farmer's Market? Is it in the evening? How nice. I guess it would have be since you're in the desert, huh? When I am at a farmer's market I feel like I am one with nature. I also feel like I am a world traveler...because the places I want to visit all have open markets where people shop for food. I always feel happy, though, because it has been a longtime dream to live on/own a farm. Personally, I only like fresh veggies and fruits. I remember picking strawberries and plums as a kid. Then going home and making jam. Another reason I love the farmer's market: the colors! I hope you have a snapshot of all the gorgeous colors you saw. You know, for your quest for color.

    Oh, Lisa. Why do we not live near each other?

  3. Good memories; by the way . . . no potatoes. I wish you posted more of your own photos.